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Ken Tuesday 01/23/2018 at 11:16am

Today Ken helped me, a total technological illiterate, work thru a postage rate update "issue" with our meter. Ken and I spent the morning together over the phone, he never gave up on me achieving success, and together we accomplished the task successfully. Thank you so much, Ken! You're the best! Debbie

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Robb and Ken

I am very happy to report we are now successfully using the FlexStream software, with our Folder/Inserter and the PostBase meter. Ken did an excellent job of getting things put together with the new OMR markings and alignment. Sharon and I just went through the process together and did not experience one jam in the entire process!

Thanks to all for the good planning and successfully putting the pieces together. Ken, the PostBase meter is running great, not skipping or jamming. (Ok, I just watched one process of a few hundred envelopes, but no jams in the entire run is definitely better than we have experienced before.) Robb, thanks for all the help finding the right software and getting it fine-tuned for our needs. We are using the template Jamie at Flex Systems set up during the demo so far.​

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Robb Monday 12/05/2016 at 4.14pm

Our office has had a postage machine from Automated Mailroom for a year now. Not once have we had an issue with the product that they couldn't walk us through a solution or were here the next day to solve. The delivery of the equipment went without a hitch. We are now talking about getting an inserter (folding machine) from them. Robb Miljus is extremely accommodating. The Customer Service people are very helpful. It is very simple and quick to purchase postage online with FP the postage vendor. We are pleased to have Automated Mailroom as part of our team.


We are so HAPPY that we found Automated Mailroom. We have had our previous supplier for years but it really seems like they have lost focus on customer service and have taken our business for granted. After numerous calls to them to continually try an resolve the constant issues, our CEO said ''enough is enough"!!

Thanks for always answering the phones and your staff is polite, courteous, and there to serve us.

Robb and Ken

First…thank you for all your efforts. I appreciate the attention we’ve received. It has been a learning process, but I am happy to report all is well. It is good to know you can and will support us when need be. I think we are in the clear going forward so thank you again.

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R. Garcia Friday 09/06/19 10:02 am

Robb is the BEST rep EVER that I have dealt with over the years working for my agency. Very kind, prompt and goes above and beyond to help when needed. Super smart choice when you hired him. :)

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David Thursday 05/18/17 9:13 am

Finally a company that responds to their customers. Thank you automated mail room for great service for the last three years.

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