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FD-7102 / 7102XT Series

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7500 Series Folder-Inserter

7500 Series Inserters Formax introduces the 7500 Series Inserters, a step above the 7200 Series, with higher speeds and capacity. With a modular design, and speeds up to 6,000 envelopes per hour, the 7500 Series has the flexibility and power to process a wide variety of inserting jobs in a minimal amount of time. With a variety of standard features, high capacity and intelligent design, the 7500 Series Inserters are ready to take on any challenge.

  • Up to 11 feed stations
  • Widescreen color touchscreen interface
  • Process up to 6,000 inserts/hour, up to 300,000 per month
  • Unlimited programmable jobs
  • Inserts into landscape flats for higher speed, fewer jams, lower cost
  • Inserts sets of up to 72 sheets, up to 10mm thick
  • 4-foot high-capacity output conveyor
  • Tower Feeder includes twin code readers to read face-up or face-down
  • CIS scanners read 1 and 2-track OMR, 1D barcode, 2D data matrix with codes printed anywhere on the page

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7102 / 7102XT Series Folder-Inserter

Formax 7102 & 7102XT Series Inserters take flexibility and productivity to new heights, with 3 standard and 3 high-production configurations. Modular design provides up to 9 feed stations in the 7102 Series and up to 17 in the 7102XT Series, with high-capacity feeders, and a standard capacity of up to 1,500 sheets. Standard feeder combinations for each system include: one 1,000-sheet feeder, one 500-sheet and one 1,000-sheet feeder, or three 500-sheet feeders. The top-loading envelope hopper on the 7102 Series holds up to 400 #10 envelopes, while the 7102XT Series holds up to 800 #10 envelopes.

  • Speed: Up to 5,500 pieces/hr
  • Modular up to 17 Feeders
  • Automatic job setup
  • 15" color touchscreen
  • High capacity configurations

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7200 Series Folder-Inserter

The Formax 7200 Series Inserters take flexibility and productivity to new heights. Whether you need to insert a 50-page document, a glossy booklet up to 6mm thick, or anything in between, this system can meet the challenge. Its modular design offers up to 11 feed stations, with high-capacity feeders, and a standard capacity of up to 2,000 sheets. The top-loading envelope hopper holds up to 800 #10 envelopes or 500 flats, in landscape orientation. Inserting into landscape flats offers higher processing speeds, fewer jams, and lower envelope costs.

  • Inserts into flat envelopes
  • Speed: Up to 4,800/hr
  • 15" Touchscreen interface
  • Modular 1 to 11 feeders
  • Limitless programmable jobs

FD-7200 Series

FD-7500 Series