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FP Smart Lockers- TRAXsuite Parcel Tracking Software

TRAXsuite Parcel Tracking Software
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FP Smart Lockers for parcel management- TRAXsuite Parcel Tracking Software

The Perfect Solution FP offers a line of modular Smart Lockers that are designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. FP Smart Lockers provide a safe, secure, and convenient delivery experience with cloud-based software management and analytics. Our lockers fully integrate with TRAXsuite parcel tracking software, which offers seamless integration with current parcel management systems.

Parcel Lockers Have Evolved
Today, parcel lockers come with a touchpad interface and software that allows end users to monitor and track incoming mail. There is no need to constantly check to see if a package has been delivered since these locker systems now automatically send a notification when a package arrives. These features aren’t just a matter of convenience, but security. Lockers eliminate the easiest targets for porch pirates, whether homeowners or business owners. Finally, parcel lockers are extremely customizable and can be adjusted to fit any footprint, from the cramped lobby of an apartment building in New York to the wide-open student union of a university. This extends to the value-add of marketing for customers in the form of customizable wraps.

Everyone Can Use a Parcel Locker
The beauty of parcel lockers as a storage solution is the sheer breadth of potential customers. Unlike many other products being added by office technology dealers, parcel lockers aren’t just used by businesses and enterprise customers. Examples of the diverse customers for parcel lockers are nearly endless and effectively encompass any use case where there is a concentrated population.

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TRAXsuite Inbound Parcel Management

TRAXsuite is a cloud-based inbound parcel tracking solution that enables you to define, notify, track, manage, search, and report on all incoming parcels. Manage the ever-increasing number of incoming packages with our scalable solutions created with user-convenience in mind.

Tracking made easy
Our TRAXsuite solution solves the common issues faced in large campuses and organizations by providing full traceability of parcels, proof of delivery, assigned delivery locations, a simple search process and an audit trail with downloadable reports.

Scalable Solutions TRAXsuite is a scalable software designed to meet the diverse tracking needs for your specific business. Build your ideal solution for tracking and tracing the small moving parts involved in keeping your business running smoothly.

Key Features:

  • No more lost or unaccounted for packages
  • Track packages, mail and assets all from a single platform
  • Downloadable reports
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Scalable to meet the needs of your organization