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OnShip Multi-Carrier Shipping Software Solution

FP Mailing Solutions announces OnShip, a multi-carrier and LTL shipping software solution that reimagines package and freight shipping.
FP OnShip is fully scalable to fit all shipment volumes while maintaining high operational efficiency.
The software seamlessly integrates with ERP systems to maximize efficiencies and customer satisfaction in reporting and cost accounting.
FP OnShip provides a single touch screen enabled interface that displays all necessary information to process a small parcel or LTL shipment.
The rate shopping feature allows customers to compare carrier costs and delivery dates in real-time. OnShip takes rate shopping one step further and offers a least carrier cost feature that automatically selects the best shipping option.
FP OnShip’s Order File Processing feature allows users to easily scan a barcode, print the label and transfer the data to the company’s server.
OnShip is delivered with an internal report building tool to give the reporting flexibility businesses need. Accounts can be tracked by creating specific accounting tiers, giving customers the options to ship against account budgets, monitor shipping activity and create cost account reporting. Customers have access to OnShip’s comprehensive reporting data to determine areas of efficiency and cost prevention.