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Accufast - The Freehand labeler 

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Accufast - Stamp Affixer XL

The XL is the best table top labeler on the market. Consider a few of its design features that translate into instant productivity and reliability.

  • The Labeling head slides from side to side allowing the label to be placed just about anywhere on the piece.
  • The head pops off for instant maintenance, cleaning and jam removal.
  • The built in feeder can feed pieces in portrait or landscape direction allowing for use as a labeler, stamp affixer or tab applicator.
  • It's quiet.
  • It's built tough enough to do millions.Steel, no plastic.
  • Touch pad electronic controls.

The XL has formed the basis for additional specialization, the most common of which is a roll adapter to handle stamps. The stamp kit is a bolt on kit that can be added to any plain XL. It swiftly and easily installs and when done, transforms the XL into a stamp affixer.



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Accufast - The Freehand labeler

The Freehand labeler is used for newsletters, letters, invitations, flyers etc that are not done on a production basis. It is suited to reliable labeling in an organization that doesn't do much labeling.
The Freehand Labeler is constructed of the highest quality materials to provide for trouble free operation. It is simple to operate and maintain. Couple that with easy to buy, and you've got an unbeatable combination.

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Accufast ET

The greatest variety of equipment comes in the tabber category. From a simple stand alone unit to "K" series modules and inline systems, ACCUFAST has the tabbing market covered.
The ACCUFAST ET is a tabbing machine that has more uses than we have space to explain them. The essence of the ET is that it tabs both booklets and self mailers with the appropriate tabs in the correct spots automatically. Very little set up and operator interaction is required. Just select the correct Tab Mode, load the proper tabs, and feed pieces from whatever device you choose on the front end. Clean out the waste when it's full and splice on another strip of tabs when the first one runs out. Nothing to it.

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Accufast KT

The ACCUFAST KT has been characterized as the best table top tabber ever made. Nice to hear and well deserved. Now, it applies either 1 inch or 1.5 inch tabs (Click here to see video) at speeds of 15,000 per hour. The KT is a crash tabber module. It must be used with a feeder and depending on the application a number of feeding devices are available. The KT is the basis of a simple professional level tabbing system. Combine it with an FX feeder and a CS3 output conveyor to create a simple tabbing system.

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