On June 23, 2019 there will be a USPS® price change for Priority Mail® and Priority Express Mail®.  The USPS® will be applying a requirement that any parcel greater than one cubic foot be measured to determine if the volumetric weight (Dimensional Weight – DIM) should be used or the actual weight.  The reason for the change is that the post office is using pricing that considers not only the weight and distance (zone) a package travels but also considers the parcel size.  Under the current structure, mailers can send a larger, but lighter parcel and only pay the weight of the parcel.  However, this size parcel takes up more space in the trucks and planes with higher cost than a smaller parcel.  The new USPS® rules are now more closely aligned with UPS and FedEx.

How does DIM rating work?
You measure the L x W x H/166 to get the DIM weight.  The mailer must then compare the DIM to the actual and choose the greater weight.  This applies only to parcels greater than one cubic foot with the USPS®.  This is an advantage over UPS and FedEx that applies DIM to all sizes.

If the DIM weight is greater than the actual weight, the DIM must be used
If the DIM weight is less than the actual weight, the actual weight is used

What customers need to know about the June 23rd pricing change?

Any Priority Mail® or Priority Mail Express® parcel greater than 1 cubic foot must be measured
DIM rating will be applicable to all zones (previously only zones 5-9)
The DIM divisor will change from 194 to 166
No more Balloon Pricing with Priority Mail® and Parcel Select
First-Class® International Large Envelope (Flats) weight limit reduces from 4 lbs. to 16 ounces

How FP will support our customers:
We will update the rate change web pages starting June 3rd to provide information and support.  Prior to the rate change we will also have videos that show how to select DIM using PostBase™ and MailOne products.

All PostBase™ mailing systems will receive a rate update to incorporate the changes
MailOne 1.6 and 3.0 for PostBase™ will support DIM
MyMail and Opti30 customers will not be able to enter in the dimensions into the meter. 

They have the following options:

Use the online DIM calculator and then manually enter in the DIM weight when necessary
Upgrade to PostBase™ (if their contract allows) that can automatically determine if actual weight or DIM weight should be used

CentorMail customers have the following options

Use the online DIM calculator and then manually enter in the DIM weight when necessary
CentorMail MAX customers may purchase MailOne 1.6 with MailCredit that will support DIM as well as give them access to discounted CBP rates

Scale customers will not be able to enter in dimensions.  Scales only provide the rate based on the weight applied to the scale and the zip/zone.  They will have to use the online DIM calculator to determine if they should use the DIM vs. actual weight

How PostBase™ will accommodate the rate change (example):
After selecting Priority Mail® and entering the zip, the rate wizard will then prompt two choices:

 1- Env/Parcel < 12” – in this case, the DIM is bypassed and the next screen will be the Extra Services selection
 2- Parcel > 12” (DIM) – in this case three successive screens will appear allowing the mailer to enter in the dimensions, i.e. 18.6”.  The order with be length, width, and height.  PostBase™ will determine if DIM or actual weight is to be used and provide the mailer with the correct rate.

Due to the structure change to First-Class Packages requiring a zip code, default shortcuts must change. As a result the defaults will be reset and any custom shortcuts must be reprogrammed. Instructions and videos will be on the website on our rate change support pages. 

How to back up your meter configuration (Require PC or Laptop next the postage machine and USB cable)

1- Customer with Remote One/ Reporte One software installed. Please skip step 2.

2- Install the remote one software from here (Download Remote/ReportONE software)

3- Meter needs to be on the Main Screen. Open the software on the PC and click connect, the meter configuration will be save on the PC software Database. Then Close the application

4- Run a Teleset transaction for $0.00 to update the rate table.

5- Meter back on the main screen. Lunch the Remote One/Report One software from the pc. Select the option synchronize from Database. That way all the configuration that you have saved into the database will move over back into the postage meter.

USPS Rate Change

Updated First-Class® Mail pricing offers a 5¢ discount for postage meters users January 27th 2019 USPS® rate change

Note: Customer with custom presets and shortcuts on their postage machine. They have to back up their current meter configuration before run the new rate update. 

​How to Update Your FP Equipment to the New Postal Rates (Effective on January 27th, 2019)

Please visit our Rate Change page for tutorials and more information

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